Tuesday, April 14, 2009

An early morning walk

One morning, while we were camping, the girls and I and our little pup got up very early and went for a nice long walk. Here are some pics of what we experienced and as you can tell from the jackets - it was a wee bit cold since it had rained all day the day before. We saw many birds, some very cool trees and flowers, and the girls got most excited about the foot prints that a racoon left on the boardwalk during his night time prowling. It was so quiet since we were about the only ones up and about and we could here the birds singing along with the soothing sounds of the waves lapping the shoreline. Ah - so very peaceful and special!


  1. I like the brown jacket. so cute.

  2. Your girls remind me so much of me and my twin! I love seeing/meeting other twinkies :)

  3. Yes - I know what you mean Becky, twinkies are so much fun, thanks for visiting my blog :o)