Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Camping Trip Pics

Finally got my pictures back. As I hope the pictures show, we had a great time hangin' and playing in the great out doors.

Now, This is the Life!!!
The Best of Friends

One of Daddy's Girls (Dad got sunburned - ouch!)

Man of my dreams

This is our little pop-up camper. It has 1 queen bed for mom and dad and 1 full size bed for the twins. The twins love going camping and I think the camper has alot to do with this, they just love playing in it and sleeping next to Mom and Dad! Our son has a pop-up Van we bring along that is "home away from home" when we go camping but I forgot to get a pic of.

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  1. I look like a fat cow in that photo. It is so funny because the babies and I are all very very white. And then logan is so tan. It's like those games when you are small, what in this picture isn't like the rest?? so funny.

    dad makes such funny facial expressions.