Friday, October 23, 2009


Entrance to Museum

Birthday Girls, "Smile and say Cheese"

Florida humidity making a curly headed Girl (it was a hot, humid day)

Male Turkey

Female Turkey

Turkey Buzzard - he's watching you!


The Whole Gang

At the playground (Boo Girl)

Nap Time


Florida Panthers

The most beautiful bird


Baby Gator

Don't bite me!

Florida Alligator

Look Sis, thats where the gators live!

Florida Cypress

Hello strange humans

Baby Bear

Big Daddy Bear wandering around

Twins thought this was a funny bear

Animals had lots of room to roam

No cages for me!

See the lizard?

1800's Florida Homestead

The good old days

Horses are awesome

Petting the horse

Oink, Oink, Oink

Funky Cow

Taking a break

Work Horse

Boo using the necessary (LOL)

Monkey see Monkey do!

Beautiful plant

Bright, bright red

A great day was had by all of us on our visit to the Tallahassee Museum for the twin's Birthday Adventure

Thanks for coming along with us!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Twins go to their 1st College Football Game - Go Noles!!!

On the way over to Tallahassee in the car, L is getting geared up to cheer her team on

Mom got in on the fun too!!!

B has the parking pass out ready to give to the attendant

Twins were given these cool towels as we entered the stadium, freebies are always fun to get!

Our Quarterback, #7 - Mr. Christian Ponder
Ponder, Ponder, he's our man!!!

These Garnet/Gold/White guys kind of scared the twins
but they went ahead and posed for a pic

We have the coolest mascot ever!!!! At least the twins thought so :o)

Future FSU cheerleaders?!?!?!?
Our team did not win but we went and cheered them on as true fans do and the girls now have fond memories of there big day in Tallahassee at a FSU home football game, a true Southern Fall tradition - GO NOLES!!!