Monday, October 5, 2009

Twins go to their 1st College Football Game - Go Noles!!!

On the way over to Tallahassee in the car, L is getting geared up to cheer her team on

Mom got in on the fun too!!!

B has the parking pass out ready to give to the attendant

Twins were given these cool towels as we entered the stadium, freebies are always fun to get!

Our Quarterback, #7 - Mr. Christian Ponder
Ponder, Ponder, he's our man!!!

These Garnet/Gold/White guys kind of scared the twins
but they went ahead and posed for a pic

We have the coolest mascot ever!!!! At least the twins thought so :o)

Future FSU cheerleaders?!?!?!?
Our team did not win but we went and cheered them on as true fans do and the girls now have fond memories of there big day in Tallahassee at a FSU home football game, a true Southern Fall tradition - GO NOLES!!!


  1. Looks like the twins had a fun day out but I think Mom did too. LOL!

    Hugs ~

    P.S. ~ Those glitter men are kind of scary looking!

  2. you know if you link this to your fb it will post on both??

  3. yes - a great day of fun for all of us, I agree Heidi

    thanks Sarah