Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back to School Again

It is still hot like summer should be but school starts on Monday here in NW Florida and my kids will begin another year of ABC's and 123's. For my son it will be his Senior year, hard to believe! He is turning in to a man right before my eyes. The twins will begin the 2nd grade; we meet their teacher on Friday. This is there first year where I do not know any of the teachers for this grade so I am praying that she is as good as the first two they have had. I have decided to keep them together in the same class this year but might separate them next year, never know what the right thing to do is in this area and as they are getting older I have begun asking their input and they both said yes "same room!", so hopefully that will work out for the best. Another season come and gone and now on to Fall and hopefully some cooler weather - cheers all :o)


  1. The school started today here too. I live next to a school which unfortunately is not fun as it is very loud. I do hope your dear little girls are not having too much trouble with the heat at their school? I too long for autumn. I did see a peek of it this weekend and will be sharing it on my blog this week.

    Second grade is a fun time! I hope they will develop memories that will last a lifetime...

    Hugs ~

  2. hey moose.

    I can't wait for fall either. It is amazing here. almost makes it all worth it.

    you don't need to separate them. Middle school and high school will pretty much do that for you i think. just let that happen naturally.

    I love you. I miss my man already. :*(

  3. yes - I am about to the point where I think u r right about middle school, I figured it would happen that way anyway and not make me have to decide - yep I agree