Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Practice makes perfect

The girls have been taking ballet and tap dance since August and will have their Spring Recital this Saturday. Here are some pictures of them during one of their dance classes. (pics taken with cell phone so poor quality but you can still get the idea)


  1. when he wakes up it is time for me to go to bed. 8.5 hour difference.

  2. you never leave me comments anymore

  3. I don't mind sharing. I have so many just collecting dust.

  4. Thank you for visiting me. You have two very beautiful girls who look like they enjoy ballet.

    You mentioned your wisteria is not blooming. I have always understood that if it does not bloom in its 3rd summer, it will not bloom. But they are funny plants that like to be neglected. My neighbor threw theirs out and mentioned they did not understand why ours blooms so well but they were constantly pruning it and they like to be left alone. The one we have at the front of the garden is so large that it is starting to pull the pergola apart. I remember seeing a very old one in England at the granddaughter of Shakespeare's house. It was a thing of beauty to see its strong and heavy stem.

    Hugs ~

  5. Thanks Heidi
    I read somewhere that if your wisteria is not getting enough sun it will not bloom and I planted mine under some shade trees so that is the problem I think. I have been considering trying to uproot and transplant but not sure if it would survive.